Cameron Bosque are Architects and Urban Desginers and work on commercial developments of all sizes and types. We have experience with creating masterplans, developing existing properties as well as desgining new buildings.  We have worked in urban and rural locations therefore offer a range of expertise to help our Clients which have been a mix of Commercial Business Owners, Property Developers and Private Investors.


Barncroft Masterplan BW 2.jpg

Urban Developments

Development and conversion  of  an office and retail building to create 5 one and two bedroom flats

Flat Plans.jpg

Conversion and extensions of three storey and two storey buildings to create 7 flats with a retaining retail unit along the High Street

Plans for flats.jpg
Building Sketch.jpg

Retail to restaurant conversion of a large ground floor high street unit

Restaurant Plans.jpg

Restaurant refurbishment located in the town centre

Restuarant Plans.jpg

Rural Developments

Diversification of a historic commercial farm creating a cycle cafe, 4 bedroom hotel, dog activities day centre with dog care, public space with associated car parking and landscaping

Holly Lodge Masterplan.jpg
Holly Lodge Cycle.jpg
Landscapes 3.jpg
00a Landscapes 2.jpg
02 Cafe Side 1.jpg
Seating Area 2.jpg
07a Bnb Courtyard 2.jpg

Masterplan for 10 houses and 3 Office Buildings

Barncroft Plan.jpg
Barncroft Masterplan BW.jpg

9 Unit Rural Hotel consisting of one and two bedrooms with outdoor and entertainment space

Hotel Frontage.jpg

Masterplan for a large nursery for additional commericial growing areas, storage units and greenhouses

Nursery View.jpg
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